Diwali’s Special 5 Day Celebration

Diwali celebration and greeting cards

Glittering-flickering diyas on verandah, winking-blinking rope lights, children and adults playing firework. Unlimited types of sweets and traditional dishes that awes anyone and makes everyone merry. The most awaited and most grandly celebrated Diwali or Deepawali is the most auspicious festival is India and also in few nearby countries around.

When realm of fun is already in the air, let us disclose for how many days this festivity goes on. According to Hindu mythology, the season of Diwali starts two days before the actual big Diwali and lasts till two days post grand Diwali. Each day has its auspicious mythical reason to celebrate and historical interpretation to make it grandiose. Every year during Oct-November month according to Gregorian calendar, the preparation starts pre-week before, you will find uneven crowd at small stall and larger shops, negotiations, choosing best for family, home and relatives.

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Lets Celebrate, Its Dussehra!

Dussehra Greeting Cards | Wishvite

Watching the big, tall, large, broad, ugly Ravana being destitute by a short and mighty Lord Rama by bow and arrow aimed at the gut of demon king during evening is something we wait for a year to gape. Wow!! The way the Raavan burst off, the cheers of victory and an unorganized dance of happiness. Oh yes, the sweets and gatherings is something you can’t miss out during this happy hour.

The story started when Lanka’s King Raavan abducted Sita Maa, who is wife of Lord Rama because Lord Rama’s younger brother Lakshman refused to marry Soopranika who is Raavan’s sister. Not only this, in fury of proposal; Lakshman amputated Soopranika’s nose which made Raavan angry and he abducted Sitamaa. Lord Rama could not resist this and decided to kill the demon king Raavan and declared a war. Killing Raavan was not an easy task, every time Lord Rama dismember Raavan’s head; he had superficial power to replace the dismantled part with another head. Goddess Durga envisioned Rama with the trick of culminating Raavan; to hit arrow on his gut. And it worked!!

Raavan got defeated and Lord Rama got back his wife.

Celebrating this triumphant, people greet each other with wishes, sweets and greeting cards. There are also specific Dussehra E-cards online that allows you to wish your loved ones easily. With the help of customize and click option, you are never far from your closer ones.

Knock Knock !! Its Halloween

Happy Halloween | Wishvite.com

Scary midnight, bizarre wind flow, uneven sound of leaves and an eerie unexpected guest !!! Shhhhhh…better to watch-out, because its Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn ! Hooo…hhaaa..haaa.. Surprise, oops; Shock your friends or your near dear ones with a ghostly, monster or simply a zombie appearance. The most celebrated event, Halloween is the most awaited festival in most of the countries around the world.

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Eid Greeting Cards for All Your Friends and Relatives

wishvite_blog_imagesEid is always a special occasion for Muslims across the world. In fact, it is one of the major festivals in the world that are celebrated with a great fervor. People keep fast and abstain themselves from all corrupt and vicious habits during the month of Ramadan. Eid signifies the completion of Ramadan and end of all corrupt habits. Hence, it is celebrated with zeal and cherished with pleasure.

Eid means celebration. People are highly thrilled about the occasion and exchange good wishes with each other. They meet and greet each other whole-hardheartedly and offer a great hospitality with delicious food which is specially prepared for Eid. However, the most significant thing that people like to do on Eid is to wish their friends and families with warm Eid wishes.

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Designing Your Own Beautiful Greeting Cards – It’s Easy Now!

Designing Your Own Beautiful Greeting Cards | Wishvite

Receiving a beautiful greeting card with a heartfelt message that is specially written for you is always a great feeling. We come across many special events and holidays throughout the year. Each of these special occasions enable us to express our love, happiness, care and friendship to our dear ones. Though there are many entities available today to reach out our dear ones and express our emotions, sending greeting cards remains the most popular entity.

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Write in a birthday greeting card

Birthday greeting cards

Are you looking for the ideal birthday gift? If you cannot get a gift to give your loved ones, you could simply send your best wishes on greeting cards. In fact, giving greeting cards becomes a traditional practice for people to be able to express love, affection, dedication, excitement, care and different emotions.

Mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friends, colleagues.. and the list is going on. How many relations did we make when we take birth? Relations makes us laugh, relations makes us cry. They always with us, either it will be a sad time or a happy movement, doesn’t matter. Our whole life goes to the relations. Some gifted by God and some made by us. If relations are that much important then why we take a second thought to express the feelings. Birthdays are important because it was the day when we come in this beautiful world. Birthday wishes are the way of express feelings to dear ones.

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Top 4 Benefits of Ecards

Top 4 Benefits of Ecards

Ecards are the bundles of joy that land in someone’s inbox to brighten their day. Beautiful, meaningful and personalized, they have been replacing every other kind of greeting card in the recent years, whether it is paper greeting or holiday season greeting cards in the business sector. They are not only an excellent way to reach out to your dear ones with your good wishes and celebrate special occasions, but also celebrate the union between you and your business partner or client. They enable you to show your creativity with beautiful text formats, pictures and images. Notable design and meaningful messages with delightful images, pictures or animations make your wishes stand tall in your loved one’s inbox.

As we celebrate something in almost every month, whether it would be a birthday, special occasion or event, you get a wonderful opportunity to treat your loved ones and clients with ecards to make your relations stronger. Here, we have outlined top 4 benefits of using ecards that you will surely find beneficial to convey your wishes through ecards. Continue reading

Reasons Why You Should Send Birthday Ecards from Wishvite

Reasons Why You Should Send Birthday Ecards from Wishvite

Free Birthday Ecards

If you are planning to wish your loved ones on their birthdays in a unique way and give them a pleasant surprise, then birthday ecards are the best choice to convey your wishes. They surely help you connect well with your loved ones, make them feel loved and bring smile on their faces. By sending customized free birthday ecards, you can brighten the day of your family and friends, especially, if you add a meaningful note in your ecard.

Is your friends or family members live far away from you? You want to surprise them on their birthdays or forgot someone’s birthday and want to send belated birthday wishes? Or you want to surprise someone special on his/her birthday? You might want to find out a way that is easy, innovative, fast and at the same time inexpensive to convey your wishes to your loved ones. Free birthday ecards offer you a smart way that fulfill all your expectations. All you need to do is choose your favorite ecard template, personalize it with your own message, image, shape or clipart and send it to your friends via email or social media platform. Continue reading

New Year Greeting Cards for Expressing Memorable New Year Wishes

Send New Year Greeting Cards and Convey the Message of Love, Care, Happiness and Prosperity to Your Loved Ones in a Beautiful Way

We are at the end of the earlier magnificent year and the beginning of another favorable new year. Every New Year is an unforgettable movement that we enjoy and cherish for a long time. It is a time to have a fun with our family, friends and dear ones. No matter, whether we are busy or out of town, we never miss to wish our loved ones a happy and prosperous new year. New Year gives us a wonderful opportunity to express our good feelings to our dear ones. It gives us an opportunity to send messages of love and care to the special people in our lives. By expressing your New Year wishes to your loved ones, you not only convey your love, but also make them feel happy by expressing your feelings in beautiful words.

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Take care of yourself whatever you do

Human beings are emotional creatures. Our feelings and emotions keeps us united with our dear ones. They are the prime source that build or break the bond between two individuals. When it comes to our family and friends, the emotions of love and reverence emerge in our mind. If we are living far from them, certainly we feel concerned about them and ask them to take care. We use different means such as phone, email and sms to express our emotions. However, when it comes to express our emotions on meaningful occasions, days and events, we find out different unique ways to convey our sentiments. Today, sending ecards is considered as a most preferred way to convey the emotions. Whether you want to wish your dear ones on a special occasion such as birthday, anniversary and Christmas or you just want to say “take care of yourself whatever you do” to your loved one for showing care, you can use ecard to express your every emotion. Continue reading

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